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Many acne remedies have been proposed over the years to fight acne outbreaks and prevent their spread. People are naturally concerned about their appearances, leading to the hundreds of acne remedies available today.

Some of these acne remedies require application by professionals, but the majority of acne remedies can be applied yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Before selecting an acne remedy, determine the severity of your acne problem. It may be a mild case, such as whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Or it can be a severe case of acne, characterized by redness and lumps of cysts clustered together in unattractive groups. This latter severe acne is what prompted the horrible nickname "pizza face."

It is easy to find acne remedies for the mild acne outbreaks. Many over the counter (non-prescription) products are available in pharmacies and even grocery stores. Some of these products work by destroying harmful acne bacteria that would cause acne when mixed with skin oil. Some examples of these acne remedies include Stridex and Oxy-Work. These topical acne remedies come in cream or pad form and are applied to the skin as directed.

Some of these remedies can trigger allergies, so choose hypoallergenic acne remedies when possible. Read the list of ingredients before purchase to be sure that there is nothing to which you are known to be allergic.

Chemical skin peeling and cyst-draining are professional treatments for mild cases of acne. These acne remedies sound more painful than they really are.

Chemical skin peeling involves applying chemicals onto the skin to burn away the acne layer. Cyst draining actually drains the fluid inside the acne cysts through the use of special needles. It is much safer than popping pimples on your own.

Severe cases usually required acne remedies involving ingestion of the resinoids of synthetic Vitamin A. Resinoids are available in the forms of cream or pills and decrease the production of skin oils. This minimizes or prevents acne breakouts. These treatments last as long as six months, which might justify these expensive acne remedies.

Laser treatment is probably the most recent, and most effective, of the acne remedies. A laser is used to literally burn away the acne sores. A special red light is used to stimulate the production of skin-enhancing collagen to help scars heal faster.

Recently home laser acne treatment kits have become available. Unfortunately, both the home and doctor laser acne remedies are very expensive, putting them out of the reach of many who desire them.

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  • Acne scar treatment - punch excision in which the scar is excised with a punch tool and the edges are sutured together.
  • Pimple popping or popping a zit - should not be attempted by anyone but a qualified dermatologist. This irritates the skin and can spread the infection deeper into the skin and can cause permanent scarring.
  • Acne scarring treatments - lasers have been used for some time to reduce the scars left behind by acne
  • Acne cause - common in puberty as a result of an abnormal response to normal levels of the male hormone testosterone.
  • Acne treatment with topical retinoids - these normalize the follicle cell lifecycle.

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